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We provide the knowledge, information and communication platform where you can find all the information about Korea’s balanced national development policies.

What is National Balanced Development Information System (NABIS)?

NABIS is a knowledge and information platform comprised of 6 menus - Policy, Project, Information (Knowledge & Statistics), Education, Communication and Evaluation Support System which you can easily access to find out about the progress of regional development.

Six Menus

  • Policy
    • Balanced National Development Policies
    • Reports & Publications
    • Press Release
    • International Reference
  • Project
    • Overview of Projects
    • Search for Projects & Assignments
    • Project Manuals
  • Information
    • Regional Information
    • Statistics
    • Issues
    • Balanced National Development Infrastructure
  • Education
    • Educational Information
    • Consultation
    • Online Library
    • Outstanding Cases
    • Curating
    • Policy Terms
  • Communication
    • About NABIS
    • Announcements
    • Policy Communication
    • Balanced National Development Cooperation Forum
    • Regional News & Columns
    • Events/Contests
    • NABIS Newsletter
    • NABIS Contests/Surveys
  • Evaluation Support System
    • For Evaluees
    • For Evaluators
    • For Administrators

Balanced Development Policies

We offer you policy news, issue reports and research reports on balanced development.

Balanced Development Projects

We offer you information on Special Accounts for Balanced National Development and projects under the 5-Year Balanced National Development Plan and its action plan.

Regional Information

We offer you a dashboard that shows information on the state of balanced development in economy, industry, R&D, culture and employment in 17 major cities and provinces and 226 cities, counties and districts across the nation.

Information and Statistics on Balanced Development

We offer you statistical data including a dashboard, general and sectoral statistical data and balanced development index which you can use as basic reference and to figure out the current state of regional development.

Education on Balanced Development

We offer you a policy glossary, outstanding cases that can help you benchmark outstanding projects and educational information related to balanced development the regional innovation organizations and local governments provide.

Exchanges and Cooperation for Balanced Development

We offer you an online community where you can share and suggest policy ideas for balanced development, a newsletter every other week and regional news and events everyday.

Balanced Development Evaluation

We support comprehensive evaluations on the Balanced National Development Projects and Living SOC Integration Projects carried out annually.

Information Cooperation Council for Balanced Development

NABIS shares data, statistics and policy reference with various specialized platforms through an information sharing system.