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About the Special Act on Balanced National Development

Purpose of Enactment

Low birth rate and population aging have become serious issues in regional cities and with populations increasingly moving to the capital area, these regional cities are on the verge of extinction.

Regional population decline can not only reduce people’s access to basic infrastructure like education, medical and child care facilities but it also increases administrative blind spots, increases management costs, destroys communities and regional governance and ruins the regional economy. It can also increase social conflicts by widening the gaps between regions.

Population decline in regional cities makes the living conditions and the economy to deteriorate and this directly leads to decline in the quality of life for the people. And, appropriate measures and plans that could stop this vicious cycle are urgently needed.

The purpose of this Act is to overcome regional issues and to contribute to balanced development of the nation by designating population-declining areas and developing and supporting plans for reviving these areas so that living conditions and conditions for settling in these regions improve.