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vision, goal and strategy for Balanced National Development

Moon Administration’s Five Key Policy Goals

  • A Government
    of the People
  • An Economy Pursuing
    Mutual Prosperity
  • A Nation Taking Responsibility
    for Each Individual
  • Well-balanced Development
    across Every Region
  • A Peaceful and Prosperous
    Korean Peninsula

Moon Administration’s Four Consolidated Innovative Tasks

  • A Job-Creating
  • Preparing for the
    4th Industrial Revolution
  • Overcoming the Low Birth Rate
    and Aging Society
  • Autonomous Decentralization and
    Balanced National Development

Three Key Values of Balanced National Development Policy

  • Decentralization Led by Regions

    Development of Self-Sufficiency
    Region-Specific Problem Solving Skills

  • Innovation Innovative Growth

    Development of Innovative Capabilities
    Development of Regional Economy and Industries

  • Inclusiveness Social Unity

    Realization of Constitutional Values
    Balanced Development Within and Across Regions

Vision and Strategy

  • Vision

    A Nation with Strong Regions. A Well-Balanced Republic of Korea

  • Goal

    Developing a Foundation for Autonomous Growth of Regions

  • Strategy

    • PeopleStable and Dignified Lives
    • SpaceLively Spaces Across the Nation
    • IndustryRegional Innovation that Drives Job Creation

3 Strategies and 9 Key Tasks

  • People Stable and Dignified Lives
    1. Establish an Education System that Creates a Virtuous Cycle between Regional Workforce and Jobs

      Improve capabilities of local universities, increase hiring of residents by relocating organizations

    2. Use Regional Assets to Develop Unique Regional Culture and Tourism

      Develop cultural infrastructure, promote special regional tourism content

    3. Establish Health and Welfare Systems to Guarantee Quality of Life

      Increase visiting health and welfare services, develop gender equal infrastructure, etc.

  • Space Lively Spaces Across the Nation
    1. Reinvigorate Farming, Mountainous and Fishing Villages

      Create specialized jobs, improve residential conditions, support personalized support for newly settling in farming and fishing villages.

    2. Urban Regeneration New Deal and Reinvigoration of Small-to-Medium-Sized Cities

      Systemize living SOC projects, establish innovative hubs through urban regeneration, prevent gentrification

    3. Develop Population-Declining Regions into Small but Strong Regions

      Improve residential infrastructure and conditions, strengthen community capabilities

  • Industry Regional Innovation that Drives Job Creation
    1. Innovative City Season 2

      Prepare and implement specialized development strategies for each innovative city, promote innovative cities and their surrounding regions’ co-development.

    2. Innovation for Regional Industries (3 major innovation of regional industries)

      Promote regional recovery projects, support innovative growth of small-to-medium-sized regional businesses

    3. Transform Idling Regional Assets into Economical Assets

      Reinvigorate economy by efficiently utilizing national and public properties